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Sick Leave Entitlements

(Ansprüche auf Krankheitstage)

Step 1: Understand Sick Leave Entitlements

In Germany, if you’re feeling unwell and can’t go to work, you usually get paid for the days you’re off sick. It’s important to know how long you can take off and how much you’ll be paid during that time. Make sure you understand the rules and policies about sick leave at your workplace so that you can be aware of what to expect and how to handle being sick while still getting paid. Knowing these details will help you manage your sick days better.


Step 2: Inform Your Employer

If you’re feeling unwell and unable to go to work, promptly inform your employer about your absence. Follow your company’s policies for reporting sick days, which may include specific notification channels or forms.


Step 3: Obtain a Medical Certificate (Krankschreibung)

In Germany, it’s common to provide a medical certificate (Krankschreibung) for sick leave. Visit a doctor who will assess your condition and issue the necessary certificate, specifying the duration you’re unfit for work. Make sure to promptly submit this document to your employer.


Step 4: Notify Your Health Insurance

Inform your health insurance provider about your sick leave. This step is crucial for ensuring a smooth process regarding your health coverage during the period of illness.


Step 5: Receive Sick Pay

During your sick leave, you may be entitled to sick pay, which is a percentage of your regular salary. Check your employment contract and collective bargaining agreement for details on sick pay. In some cases, employers continue paying your full salary during sick leave.


Step 6: Communicate Expected Return to Work

Keep your employer updated on your recovery progress and provide an estimated date of return to work. Maintain clear communication to ensure a smooth transition back into the workplace.


Step 7: Follow Company Policies

Adhere to any additional sick leave policies outlined by your company. This may include periodic updates during your absence or other specific requirements.


Step 8: Return to Work

Once you’ve recovered and are ready to resume work, notify your employer of your return. Ensure that you fulfill any documentation or reporting requirements, as outlined in your company’s policies.


Remember: Each company may have its own sick leave policies, so it’s essential to familiarize yourself with your employer’s guidelines and adhere to them throughout the sick leave process. If you have specific questions or concerns, consult your HR department for guidance.