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Register To Uni-Assist

(Registrieren bei Uni-Assist)

Step 1: Understanding Uni-assist

Begin your Uni-assist journey by understanding its crucial role in helping international students apply to German universities and institutions of Higher education (Hochschulen). Uni-assist is like a central helper that checks and handles applications for certain universities.


Step 2: Researching Participating Universities and Hochschulen

Before delving into the registration process, identify the German universities and Hochschulen that are part of the Uni-assist network. Not all institutions use this service, so consult the official Uni-assist website for a comprehensive list of member institutions.


Step 3: Creating an Account

Navigate to the Uni-assist website and initiate the process by creating a personal account. Ensure the accuracy of the provided information, and use a valid email address as it will serve as the primary mode of communication for all Uni-assist-related matters.


Step 4: Choosing the Correct Application Type

Select the appropriate application type based on your educational level (e.g., bachelor’s or master’s) and the specific semester for which you intend to apply. Uni-assist has distinct procedures tailored to various application types, so make the correct selection.


Step 5: Selecting Preferred Universities and Hochschulen

Indicate the specific universities and Hochschulen to which you plan to apply through Uni-assist. Take note of the distinct application deadlines for each institution, as these deadlines can vary.


Step 6: Uploading Documents

Prepare the required documents, including academic transcripts, certificates, and language proficiency proofs for example. Scan these documents and upload them to your Uni-assist account. Follow Uni-assist’s guidelines meticulously to ensure proper document submission.


Step 7: Paying the Handling Fees

Uni-assist imposes handling fees for processing your application. Complete the payment of the required fees through the online portal. Retain records of your payment confirmation for future reference.


Step 8: Submitting Application

With all documents uploaded and fees paid, submit your application through the Uni-assist portal. It is imperative to complete this step before the application deadlines specified by your chosen universities and Hochschulen.


Step 9: Waiting for Evaluation

Uni-assist will undertake a thorough review of your submitted documents to assess their alignment with the requirements of the universities and Hochschulen. Be patient during this process, as it may take several weeks. Keep a vigilant eye on your Uni-assist account for any updates.


Step 10: Receiving Evaluation Results

Upon the completion of the evaluation, Uni-assist will provide you with an evaluation summary. This document will detail whether your qualifications meet the requirements of the universities and Hochschulen or if additional steps are necessary.


Step 11: Forwarding Applications to Universities and Hochschulen

If your documents are deemed satisfactory, Uni-assist will forward your application to the universities and Hochschulen you selected. Regularly check the status of your applications through both Uni-assist and the respective portals of the institutions.


Step 12: University and Hochschule-Specific Processes

Each university and Hochschule may have additional requirements or steps in their admission process. Familiarize yourself with these institution-specific processes and fulfill any additional obligations promptly, such as submitting supplemental materials or participating in interviews.


Remember to maintain organization throughout the process, routinely check your Uni-assist account, and leverage Uni-assist’s resources for a streamlined and successful application experience at German universities and Hochschulen.