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Federal Education Funding Act


Starting your studies in Berlin as an international student is a mix of excitement and challenges. But worry not! Getting financial help through BAföG can make things easier. Our guide is here to make the process simple for you. Let’s navigate it together!

Step 1: Who can get BAföG?

Begin by learning who can receive BAföG. Typically, this involves factors like your age, being in pursuit of your initial degree, and showing that you require financial assistance.


Step 2: Gather Essential Documents

Collect the necessary documents to support your application. These include your passport, residence permit, enrollment certificate from your university, proof of parental income (or your own if applicable), and details about your living situation. Make sure to check all the necessary documents related to your situation on the BAföG website.


Step 3: Check BAföG Application Deadlines

Be sure to check BAföG application deadlines, as missing them could impact the processing of your request. Consult your university’s student services or the BAföG office for specific dates.


Step 4: Complete the BAföG Application Form

Access the BAföG application form online or obtain a physical copy from the BAföG office. Take your time to fill in all required information accurately and comprehensively.


Step 5: Provide Detailed Financial Information

Offer a detailed overview of your financial situation by submitting comprehensive information about your income and, if applicable, the income of your parents or spouse. Include all required documents as proof.


Step 6: Submit the Application to the BAföG Office

Once your application is complete, submit it to the BAföG office. This can be done in person or by mail. Make sure all necessary documents are included in your submission.


Step 7: Attend a BAföG Consultation

Consider attending a BAföG consultation offered by student services. This can provide additional insights into your eligibility, offer guidance on the application process, and address any queries you may have.


Step 8: Await BAföG Notification

After submitting your application, exercise patience as the BAföG office reviews your case. They will notify you of the outcome, which may include details about the approved funding amount.


Step 9: Utilize BAföG Funds Responsibly

Upon a successful application, use the BAföG funds responsibly. These funds are intended to cover various expenses, including tuition, living costs, and other study-related expenditures.


Step 10: Stay Informed About Renewals

Keep yourself informed about the renewal processes for BAföG funding. Remember that you may need to reapply for each academic year to maintain financial support.


By following these detailed steps, you’ll navigate the BAföG registration process with confidence, ensuring financial support during your studies in Berlin. Welcome to a city where education thrives, and BAföG is here to support your academic journey.