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BVG Student Ticket


Step 1: Check if You Qualify

Before jumping into the BVG adventure, make sure you qualify. Usually, you need to be a full-time student at a recognized Berlin university.


Step 2: Get Your Student Certificate

Your ticket to BVG magic is your enrollment certificate from your university. It could be digital or a piece of paper – just make sure you have it with you before starting your BVG journey.


Step 3: Confirm SemesterTicket Inclusion 

Is your SemesterTicket automatically part of your semester fees? If yes, all good. If not, don’t worry; there’s more ways to join the BVG fun. Check all the ticket options on the BVG website.


Step 4: Get Your BVG Student Ticket

Time to make your BVG dreams real! Go to your university’s office, and they’ll guide you through the process which might involve some online forms.


Step 5: Understand Your SemesterTicket

Now that you have your SemesterTicket, know when it works. Usually, it’s good for a whole semester, but there might be times when it takes a break. Also, stay on top of renewals each semester. If your student status changes during the semester, tell your university ASAP.


Step 6: Lost or Damaged? Report It

If you lose your ticket or it gets damaged, let your university know. They’ll help you get a new one and might let you know about any fees.


What if your BVG ticket is not included in your semester fees?

The SemesterTicket is standard, often included in your semester fees. But there are other options like AzubiTicket or Schülerferienticket if they suit you situation better. You can check all of them on the BVG website.


Yay! You’ve got your BVG student ticket sorted. Now, hop on those transportation waves and explore Berlin while enjoying your student life. Safe travels and enjoy the ride!