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Psychotherapist Search


(Psychotherapeuten- suche)

Germany prioritizes mental health, and accessing psychological services through Krankenkasse (health insurance) is a beneficial pathway. Here’s a detailed guide to help you navigate the process step by step:

Step 1: Understanding Your Health Insurance

Familiarize yourself with your health insurance (Krankenkasse) policy. Different Krankenkassen may have specific guidelines and coverage for psychological services. Review your policy documents or contact your Krankenkasse for information.


Step 2: Consulting Your General Practitioner (Huasartz)

Schedule an appointment with your General Practitioner (Hausarzt) if you’re experiencing mental health concerns. Your Hausarzt can assess your situation, provide initial support, and determine if a referral to a psychologist or psychiatrist is necessary.


Step 3: Obtaining a Referral

If your Hausarzt believes you would benefit from psychological services, they will issue a referral. This referral is essential for Krankenkasse to cover the costs of psychological treatment. Ask your Hausarzt for a list of psychologists or psychotherapists in your language in Berlin.


Step 4: Selecting a Psychologist

Choose a licensed psychologist or psychotherapist in Berlin. Ensure they accept patients covered by Krankenkasse. You can find psychologists through Krankenkasse directories or recommendations from your Hausarzt.


Step 5: Confirming Coverage

Contact your Krankenkasse to verify that the selected psychologist is covered under your policy. Confirm the extent of coverage, including the number of sessions allowed and any associated costs or copayments.


Step 6: Scheduling an Appointment

Reach out to the chosen psychologist to schedule an initial appointment. Inform them that you have Krankenkasse coverage and provide necessary details, including your health insurance information.


Step 7: Initial Assessment Session

Attend the initial assessment session with the psychologist. Discuss your concerns, medical history, and treatment goals. This session helps the psychologist tailor a treatment plan to your specific needs.


Step 8: Treatment Plan and Krankenkasse Approval

The psychologist will create a treatment plan and seek approval from Krankenkasse. This step ensures that the proposed therapy aligns with your coverage and meets the Krankenkasse’s criteria for reimbursement.


Step 9: Commencing Regular Sessions

Once Krankenkasse approves the treatment plan, commence regular therapy sessions with the psychologist. Attend sessions as recommended by the treatment plan, and actively engage in the therapeutic process.


Step 10: Monitoring Progress

The Krankenkasse may periodically review the progress of your psychological treatment. Keep your Krankenkasse informed about any changes in your treatment plan or circumstances.


Step 11: Continued Coverage and Follow-Up

As long as you continue to meet the criteria set by Krankenkasse, your psychological services should remain covered. Keep in touch with your psychologist and Krankenkasse for ongoing support.


Remember, communication is key throughout this process. Stay informed about your Krankenkasse coverage, work closely with your Hausarzt and psychologist, and prioritize your mental well-being.