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Health Insurance Registration

(Krankenkasse anmelden)

When it comes to your health, Germany’s Krankenkassen (health insurance providers) have got you covered. This guide is your compass for enrolling in a Krankenkasse and securing access to the country’s excellent healthcare system.

Step 1: Eligibility Check

Determine if you’re required to have German health insurance. Employees earning below a specific income threshold (currently around €69,300 annually) are generally obligated to be insured.


Step 2: Choose Your Krankenkasse

Research Krankenkassen and choose one that suits your needs. Compare benefits, services, and contribution rates. Common ones include AOK, Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), DAK and Barmer.

Also, there is a possibility of setting up a private insurance where your employer provides you with the money, and you pay privately for your own health insurance. This insurance must comply with German law. We can recommend Feather’s Private Health Insurance.


Step 3: Gather Documents

Collect necessary documents such as your passport, residence registration (Anmeldung), employment contract, and bank details.


Step 4: Application

Submit your application to your chosen Krankenkasse. You can do this online, via mail, or in person. Include all required documents.


Step 5: Waiting Period

After submitting your application, there’s usually a waiting period before your insurance becomes active. During this time, you’re still covered by your previous insurance if you had any.


Step 6: Contribution Payments

Your Krankenkasse will provide details on how and when to make contribution payments. These payments are typically shared between you and your employer.


Step 7: Health Insurance Card

Once your insurance is active, you’ll receive a health insurance card via post. This card is essential for doctor visits and prescription medication.


Step 8: Doctor’s Visit

With your health insurance card in hand, you’re ready for your first doctor’s visit in Germany. Choose a Hausarzt (general practitioner) as your primary point of contact for medical care.


Step 9: Additional Coverage

Consider supplementary insurance (Zusatzversicherung) for enhanced coverage, such as dental care or private room accommodation in hospitals.


Step 10: Update Changes

Inform your Krankenkasse about any changes in your circumstances, such as address, employment status, or family situation.


Important Tips:

  • Deadlines: Apply for health insurance within three months of arriving in Germany.
  • Leaving Germany: If you leave Germany, your Krankenkasse coverage may end. Make sure to inform them in advance.
  • Dual Insurance: If you have private or international health insurance, consult with both providers to avoid dual coverage.

Remember: Health insurance is not just a legal obligation; it’s essential for your well-being in Germany. Access to medical care ensures you’re covered in case of illness or injury.