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German And Integration Course


In Berlin, the Volkshochschule (VHS) offers Integrationskurse, including German language courses, providing an excellent opportunity for language learners. Additionally, some participants may qualify for a 50% refund on course fees. Here’s a detailed guide on how and who can benefit from this reimbursement.

Step 1: Selecting an Integrationskurs

Explore the variety of Integrationskurse, specifically German language courses, offered by VHS in Berlin. Choose a course that suits your language learning goals and integrates cultural orientation components. You can see all the different courses here.


Step 2: Eligibility for Refund

The 50% refund is often available to specific groups, including EU-citizens immigrants, refugees, And individuals with a low income who have a voucher from the Jobcenter. Verify your eligibility by checking the criteria outlined by VHS Berlin.


Step 3: Registration Process

Enroll in the chosen Integrationskurs through the VHS registration process. During registration, provide necessary documentation, including proof of eligibility for the 50% refund. Ensure you have the required documents, such as a certificate of residence (Anmeldung), ID or passport, voucher from Jobcenter, or any other documentation specified by VHS Berlin. These documents support your eligibility for the refund.


Step 4: Course Participation

Once confirmed for the Integrationskurs, make the most of your participation by actively engaging in the course. Attend regularly and ensure completion of both the language and orientation components. To qualify for the refund, successfully fulfill all course requirements and attendance criteria set by VHS Berlin. Additionally, passing the ‘Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer’ is mandatory, serving as proof of your learning and the key to receiving a 50% reimbursement. This step ensures not only your commitment to the course but also positions you for financial support upon successful completion.


Step 5: Refund Application

After completing the course, submit a refund application to VHS Berlin. Include any additional documents requested, such as a certificate of attendance. VHS Berlin will process your refund application. Stay informed about the expected timeline for processing, as it may vary.


Consult VHS Berlin directly for specific details regarding their Integrationskurs refund policy, eligibility criteria, and required documentation. Seize the opportunity to integrate into German society through language education, supported by financial assistance from VHS Berlin.