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Dog Registration

(Hund registrieren)

Step 1: Microchipping

Ensure your dog is microchipped by a veterinarian. This is a legal requirement in Berlin. The microchip serves as a unique identification for your dog.


Step 2: Complete Dog Registration Form

Fill out the Anmeldung Hund (Dog Registration) form. This form gathers information about your dog’s breed, color, and microchip number. Submit the completed form to your local Resident Office (Bürgeramt). 


Step 3: Register For Your Dog Tax Number

Send to your local Tax office (Finanzamt) in your district the registration form to initiate the registration process. Be prepared to provide details about your dog, including its identification and your contact information. This crucial step ensures compliance with local regulations and establishes your dog’s official status in Berlin. 


Step 4: Proof of Liability Insurance

Show proof of liability insurance for your dog. Having liability insurance is mandatory in Berlin and is typically required during the registration process.


Step 5: Visit the Veterinarian for a Check-Up

Schedule a visit to the veterinarian for a health check-up. The vet will examine your dog’s overall health and issue the required health certificate.


Step 6: Health Certificate

Get a health certificate from your veterinarian. This document ensures that your dog is in good health and is another requirement for registration.


Step 7: Pay Hundesteuer Fee

Pay the annual Hundesteuer fee. The amount varies based on factors such as the dog’s breed and whether it is considered a service or working dog. The fee will be requested after submitting the application form and the tax form.


Step 8: Receive Dog Tag

Once registered, you will receive a dog tag (Hundemarke) from the Bürgeramt. This tag must be attached to your dog’s collar and serves as a visual identifier.


Step 9: Keep Information Updated

Notify the Bürgeramt promptly about any changes in your dog’s status, such as a change of address, death, or ownership transfer. We can also assist you with filling out this form.


Step 10: Observe Local Regulations

Familiarize yourself with local dog regulations in your specific area of Berlin. Different districts may have additional rules or requirements.


Step 11: Participate in Dog Training (Optional)

Consider enrolling your dog in training classes. While not mandatory for registration, it can be beneficial for your dog’s behavior and may positively influence the community’s perception.


Step 12: Connect with Local Dog Community

Join local dog groups or communities to stay informed about events, regulations, and to connect with other dog owners in Berlin.


By following these steps, you’ll navigate the dog registration process in Berlin smoothly, ensuring your furry friend is officially recognized and compliant with local regulations. Remember to keep all documents in a safe place for future reference.