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Cat Registration

(Katze registrieren)

Step 1: Microchip Your Cat

Before registering your cat, ensure it is microchipped by a veterinarian. A microchip provides a unique identification for your feline friend.


Step 2: Gather Necessary Information

Collect essential details about your cat, including its breed, color, unique markings, and the microchip number. Having this information ready will streamline the registration process.


Step 3: Choose a Registration Platform

Berlin offers various platforms for cat registration. Common options include Findefix, the official registration platform, or other authorized websites. Select a platform that suits your preferences and complies with local regulations.


Step 4: Create an Account

If using an online platform, create an account by providing your personal details. This account will serve as the hub for managing your cat’s registration information.


Step 5: Fill Out the Registration Form

Complete the registration form, entering all the necessary information about your cat. This typically includes details like name, breed, color, and microchip number. Accuracy is crucial, so double-check your entries.


Step 6: Upload a Photo

Include a clear photo of your cat. This aids in identification and can be valuable in case your cat goes missing.


Step 7: Specify Outdoor Permissions

In Berlin, if cats want to roam freely outdoors, they need a specific permit which called: Katze mit unkontrolliertem freien Ausgang. Here you can learn how to secure this permit.


Step 8: Receive Confirmation and Certificate

Upon successful registration, you will receive confirmation, and a registration certificate. Keep these documents in a safe place for future reference.


Step 9: Update Information as Needed

Regularly update your cat’s information on the registration platform, especially if there are changes in your contact details or your cat’s status.


Step 10: Be Aware of Local Regulations

Stay informed about local cat regulations, as they can vary between districts in Berlin. Some areas may have specific rules or requirements for cat ownership.