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Family Name Change


(Familiennamens- änderung)

Step 1: Marriage Certificate

The first step in changing your name after getting married in Berlin is to obtain a certified copy of your marriage certificate. This document is essential for initiating the name change process.


Step 2: Update Personal Identification Documents 

Begin by updating your personal identification documents. This includes:

  • Passport: Contact your country’s embassy or consulate in Berlin to inquire about the process for updating your passport with your new name.
  • ID Card: Visit the Resident Registration Office (Bürgeramt) to update your German ID card.


Step 3: Banking and Financial Institutions

Notify your bank and other financial institutions about your name change. Provide them with a copy of your marriage certificate and follow their specific procedures for updating your records and documents.


Step 4: Employer and Work-related Documents

Inform your employer about your name change. Provide them with the necessary documentation, such as a copy of your marriage certificate. Update your work-related documents.


Step 5: Health Insurance

Contact your health insurance provider to update your information. Provide them with a copy of your marriage certificate and inquire about any additional documentation they may require.


Step 6: Social Security Office (Sozialamt)

Visit the local Social Security Office to update your name in their records. Bring along your marriage certificate and any other documents they may request.


Step 7: Professional Associations and Licenses

If you belong to any professional associations or hold professional licenses, inform them of your name change. Provide the necessary documentation to update their records.


Step 8: Utilities and Service Providers

Notify utility companies, internet service providers, and other service providers about your name change. They may require a copy of your marriage certificate to update their records.


Step 9: Membership Organizations

If you are a member of any organizations or clubs, inform them about your name change and provide the necessary documentation. This includes gym memberships, library cards, or any other memberships you may hold.


Step 10: Update Legal Documents

Review and update any legal documents that reflect your name, such as your will, power of attorney, and any contracts. Consult with legal professionals if necessary.


Remember that the name change process can vary, and it’s essential to check with each specific institution for their requirements and procedures. Keep copies of your marriage certificate handy, and consider creating a checklist to ensure that you cover all aspects of the name change process.