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School Registration


As you settle into this dynamic city, we know that getting your kiddo into school is a big deal. Our guide is here to make that process a breeze. We’ll break down the German education system, help you find the perfect local school, and guide you through the application steps.

Step 1: Understand the German Education System

In Germany, schools believe in giving students a well-rounded education. They have different stages like primary school (Grundschule) and later on, secondary school (weiterführende Schule). This helps students build a strong foundation and choose different career paths. In Berlin there are different types of schools – public and private. At the end of the fourth class, there’s a significant exam that students need to take. This exam serves as a checkpoint to assess their progress in school. At this point, a decision is made regarding whether they will attend high school or pursue professional studies.


Step 2: Gather Necessary Documents

Ensure you have the required documents for school registration. This typically includes proof of residence (Anmeldung), your child’s birth certificate, and relevant health records. Depending on your immigration status, additional documentation may be necessary.


Step 3: Complete Residence Registration (Anmeldung)

Begin by registering your residence at the local Bürgeramt. The Anmeldung certificate is crucial for school registration and other administrative processes.


Step 4: Research Local Schools

Explore schools in your area, considering factors like reputation, language of instruction, extracurricular activities, and the overall learning environment. Attend school open houses or contact schools directly for more information. Here you can search for a school near you by entering your address.


Step 5: Visit the Local Education Authority (Schulamt)

Contact the local education authority (Schulamt) to inquire about specific registration procedures and requirements in your district. They can provide valuable information on available schools and guide you through the next steps. Here is a list of all the Schulämter in Berlin, organized by districts.


Step 6: Initiate the Application Process

Follow the school application process outlined by the Schulamt. This may involve filling out application forms, submitting required documents, and attending an interview or assessment.


Step 7: Ask About Language Support Services

If your child is not fluent in German, ask about language support services offered by schools. Berlin has bilingual and international schools that could meet the needs of non-German speakers.


Step 8: Stay Informed and Follow Up

Stay informed about the progress of your child’s application. If necessary, follow up with the Schulamt or the chosen school to ensure all steps are completed, and your child is officially enrolled.


Step 9: Prepare for the First Day

Once your child is accepted, prepare for their first day of school. Familiarize them with the school’s location, introduce them to their teachers, and ensure they have the necessary school supplies.


Getting your child into a school in Berlin as a new immigrant is a big step for their learning adventure. If you follow these steps, understand how it works, and stay active in the process, you can make sure your child has a good and successful beginning in the German school system. Good luck!