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Register For Daycare

(Kita anmelden)

1. Get a Head Start with Early Research and Planning:

Start searching for a Kita ahead of time to deal with the high demand in Berlin. Check how close they are to your home or work for convenience. Also, keep an eye out for important things like how many staff members there are compared to kids, safety measures, and what their learning approach is. Picking a Kita that matches what you want will make things easier and give your child a great start in their early education.


2. Grasp the Diversity of Kita Types:

  • Public Kitas (städtische Kitas) operated by the city may offer more affordable fees.
  • Private Kitas (private Kitas) can vary in educational approaches and costs. Most Kitas in the city are considered private.


3. Explore Online Platforms:

Check out websites like Kietzee and the Kita Navigator to get all the info you need about available Kitas, how they teach, and how to apply. On the official Kita websites, you can find details on how they teach, the qualifications of the staff, and the facilities they have.


4. Seek Recommendations and Network:

Ask your acquaintances, friends, and colleagues for recommendations based on their own experiences. Attend local parenting groups or events to connect with others, hear firsthand insights, and get valuable perspectives on potential Kitas. Another idea will be to ask in social media groups, but be cautious about relying too much on what people say there.


5. Engage with the Youth Welfare Office (Jugendamt):

Connect with the Jugendamt to get details on available Kitas and guidance on the application process. Ask about possible subsidies or financial support programs that could benefit your family. For example: Kindergeld, Kitagutschein and so.


6. Conduct On-Site Visits:

Schedule visits to the Kitas you’re interested in to get a feel for the atmosphere, meet the staff, and observe daily routines. Inquire about teaching methods, extracurricular activities, and parent communication. Reach out to the Kitas and request a get-to-know meeting; they’ll be happy to arrange it with you.


Engage in Kita open houses to gain a deeper understanding of their facilities, teaching methods, and staff dynamics. Make the most of information sessions to interact with educators and administrators, asking questions that are relevant to your child’s potential enrollment.


7. Navigate the Application Process:

Get a Kitagutschein from the Jugendamt by telling them how many hours of childcare you need. Follow the application process for each Kita, which usually includes filling out forms, maybe having a chat with them, and giving some extra documents.


8. Be Mindful of Waiting Lists:

Expect waiting lists, especially for in-demand Kitas, and think about applying to several options at the same time.


9. Stay Informed and Follow Up:

Stay in regular touch with Kitas to stay updated on your application status. Ask about the waiting list progress and for any updates regarding your child’s potential admission.


10. Acceptance and Enrollment Procedures:

After you’re accepted, make sure to quickly finish enrolling by giving the needed papers and following the fees. Keep talking with the Kita, get to know the teachers, and stay updated on how your child is doing and what they’re experiencing.


Starting the journey to find the perfect Kita means doing lots of different things, like researching a lot, meeting people, and applying in a smart way. Taking the time to do this well not only makes enrolling easy but also gives your child a great and fun experience in their early years.