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Daycare Voucher


The Kitagutschein, or daycare voucher, is a big deal for parents in Berlin who want to get their kids into a Kita. It’s not just a piece of paper – it’s like a super important key that helps parents open the doors to early childhood education and care for their little ones. In Berlin, there is no mandatory education law until the first grade (at the age of 6 for the child), but as a socially-oriented city, Berlin supports parents by subsidizing kindergarten.

Step 1: Understand the Types of Kitagutscheine

In Berlin, there are different types of Kitagutscheine based on the duration and extent of daycare needed. These include:

  • U-Basis: Up to 5 hours per day
  • V-Basis: Up to 7 hours per day
  • Ganztags: Full-time, over 7 hours per day
  • There is also an option for 9 hours or more, but it is usually available only for parents who work in shifts around the clock.

Choose the type that best suits your needs and circumstances. The decision is made by the Youth Welfare Office (Jugendamt).


Step 2: Gather Required Documents

Before applying for a Kitagutschein, gather the necessary documents:

  • Application form
  • Child’s birth certificate (translated to german)
  • Passport or ID card of the parents
  • Proof of income (such as pay slips, tax assessment)
  • Anmeldung (proof of residence registration)
  • Any additional documents specified by the Youth Welfare Office (Jugendamt)


Step 3: Submit the Application

Submit the filled-out application form and supporting documents to the local Jugendamt. You can do this in person or by post. 


Step 4: Attend an Interview (if required)

In some cases, the Jugendamt may request an interview to discuss your childcare needs and assess your eligibility for a Kitagutschein. Be prepared to answer questions about your work schedule, family situation, and reasons for needing daycare.


Step 5: Await Processing

The Jugendamt will process your Kitagutschein application. It can take some time, usually between 3-6 weeks.


Step 6: Receive the Kitagutschein

Once your application is approved, you will receive the Kitagutschein specifying the approved hours and type of daycare. This voucher is essential for enrolling your child in a Kita.


Step 7: Enroll Your Child in a Kita

With the Kitagutschein in hand, contact the Kita where you wish to register your child and complete the enrollment process. The Kita will coordinate with the Jugendamt for billing based on the approved voucher.


Remember to keep the Jugendamt informed of any changes in your circumstances that may affect your eligibility for the Kitagutschein. It’s also important to plan ahead, as securing a spot in a Kita can sometimes take time. Check the official website of the Jugendamt for any updates or changes to the application process.