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Traffic Fines


Receiving a driving ticket can put a dent in your day, but fear not! Germany’s well-structured system ensures fair treatment for all drivers. This guide will steer you through the process of dealing with driving tickets, helping you navigate the road to resolution.

Step 1: Review the Ticket

Examine the ticket carefully. It should contain information about the offense, date, time, location, and fine amount.


Step 2: Accept or Contest

Decide whether to accept the ticket or contest it. If you agree with the offense, you can pay the fine. If you believe the ticket is unjustified, you have the right to contest it.


Step 3: Pay the Fine

If you choose to pay the fine, follow the payment instructions on the ticket. This is often done through bank transfer or online payment.


Step 4: Contesting the Ticket

To contest the ticket, you’ll need to provide reasons for your disagreement. Write a letter explaining your side of the story and gather any evidence that supports your case. If needed, we can assist you in this process with our Document Assistance Service.


Step 5: Contact Authorities

Send your letter of contestation to the appropriate authority. This might be the local police department or the issuing agency mentioned on the ticket.


Step 6: Response

You’ll receive a response to your contestation. It might result in the fine being reduced, waived, or upheld.


Step 7: Legal Assistance

If your contestation is unsuccessful, you might consider seeking legal advice or consulting an expert.


Important Tips:

  • Response Deadline: Contest the ticket within the given deadline mentioned on the ticket.
  • Language: If you’re not fluent in German, you can contest the ticket in English. However, the response might be in German.

Remember: Accurate and timely response is key. Whether you’re paying the fine or contesting it, addressing the ticket promptly ensures a smoother process.