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Applying for Resident Parking Permit

(Parkausweis beantragen)

Whether you’re applying for your first resident parking permit, transferring it to a new vehicle, or dealing with the unfortunate situation of a lost permit, we’ve are here to guid you. 

Step 1: Eligibility Check

Confirm your eligibility for a resident parking permit. Typically, you need to be a registered resident in the specific area. Check here the parking map of Berlin.


Step 2: Required Documents

Gather the necessary documents:

  • Copy of valid ID or passport
  • Copy of city registration (Anmeldung)
  • Copy of vehicle registration documents (Zulassungsbescheinigung Teil 1)
  • Completed application form
  • Your so far parking permit (only in the case of a change of address).


Step 3: Application Process

Accurately fill out the application form and submit the required documents. After the offical offices will get you application and will check it out, they will sent you a payment request that should be paid according to your district instructions.


Step 4: Transferring a Parking Permit to a New Vehicle

Notify local authorities about the vehicle change by filling the application form. You will also need to provide updated vehicle registration documents.


Step 5: Reporting a Lost Parking Permit

Act immediately if your permit is lost or stolen. Contact local authorities to report the loss by filling the application form. Be prepared to provide necessary identification details.


Step 6: Processing Time

The processing time can be up to 4 weeks after submitting the application.


Step 7: Pick Up or Delivery

Once approved, you will be informed of the location for picking up the permit in person or if it can be mailed to your address per post.


Step 8: Display the Permit

Once you get the parking permit, attach the resident parking permit clearly on your vehicle’s windshield following the provided instructions.


Step 9: Renewal Reminder

Keep track of your permit’s expiration date. We recommend you to set reminders for renewal to avoid any parking inconveniences.


Step 10: Stay Informed

Regularly check the official Berlin city services website for updates or changes in the parking permit process.


Navigating Berlin’s resident parking permits is a breeze with this guide. For the latest information and to initiate your application, refer to the official Berlin city services website. Happy parking in the vibrant city of Berlin!